Sunday, July 10, 2016

Best Actress Ever

Some habits never change.
   Recently my ex wife Kathy ran into #Taryn Smerecki in an unknown florist shop on Van Dyke Avenue. Given the history between #Taryn, Kathy and myself we are definitely not strangers I mean after all #Taryn lived with us for two months.

   From all accounts Kathy just went into this florist shop to look around which is odd in itself, but after entering the store she was approached by the sales girl (Taryn) who acted like she didn't recognize Kathy and ask if she could be of assistance. Kathy recognizing #Taryn got angry said no looked around and then left with Taryn bidding "come back again".
   Interesting how the girl who acted abandoned and alone, acted out her mother being sick and dying, acted out her funeral, acted out herself having Leukemia can now even after having lived with us for two months and being involved with me for nearly three years acted like she didn't know #Kathy.
However just as odd Kathy got angry at seeing #Taryn and claimed to have wanted  beat her up, and still feels that she did nothing wrong in having had an affair from a time before I even met #Taryn Smerecki until after our divorce.

#Taryn Smerecki is definitely the best actress ever and as for Kathy well........